Why you should use a project manager

There are a multitude of reasons why you should use a project management company. Please do not feel that general builders and principal contractors do not have their place however, when employing our services, it gives you the client the flexibility that using a general builder or principal contractor cannot give. General builders often employ multiskilled tradesmen who do several jobs however when a tradesman specialises in one specific area, a more rounded, complete end product is produced. Another downside is the scale of their workforce, if they become inundated with work, other projects may suffer. A principal contractor on the other hand are more suited to undertaking large scale works and can have an impersonal approach towards managing something that is very personal to you.

Where we differ is in our approach towards staffing a project, though many years of experience working in the construction industry, we have hand picked specialist subcontractors on their merit, capacity to undertake the required workload and most importantly produce a product of a high quality. These subcontractors will work directly for you however we will manage, ensure quality control and ensure that they work in programme to complete your project in a timely, cost effective fashion. In employing subcontractors in this way their quoted price is the one that you pay, we will not add our additional percentage on top of an already costly, stressful build.